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When this pandemic struck, we were all in uncharted territory. However, we watched thousands of teachers, administrators, staff, students and families respond by digging in, rising to the occasion and creatively improvising, all in the name of providing the best education possible for students during the unknown. Still, no one would argue that there is a replacement for in-person, classroom instruction.

We know the 2020-21 school year poses unique challenges and uncontrollable variables that raise questions we have never before needed to answer.

Knowing routines will be disrupted, AccelerateED designed recommendations to provide flexibility for school and district decision making that help get students at all levels back to school safely.

In determining how to properly execute a re-opening plan for fall 2020-2021, we understand that these are not perfect solutions for every student, family, teacher or school district. In a pandemic, perfect solutions don’t exist. But, we hope that each district takes the recommendations outlined below and continues to be dedicated to education.

Only through a collective commitment from everyone in the state, including schools, teachers, parents, families, students, community organizations, and the public/private sectors, will there be success.

School is not going to look the same. Contingencies will need to be made. Acceptance and understanding will need to be universal. The discipline and habits of people will need to change.

We know our districts are dedicated to the education of our students. We know that dedication will persevere in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please note that we encourage you to review the full report should you have questions about the summary that highlights key excerpts. The summary is not meant to convey the task force’s fully detailed recommendations.

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